Music Lives!

A Special Tribute

My family lost a very special person this morning. She was my dear Aunt, a Mother, a Sister, a Niece and everybody’s friend. I’m writing this post for the people that will miss her everyday. I always turn to music when something emotionally jarring happens and these are just a few of the songs I listened to while taking the time to think about all the great times my Aunt and I had together. I’m not sure if my Aunt would have even liked these songs, but they helped me out today when I got the news, and I hope my family feels the same.

My Aunt = Babysitter Supreme
My Aunt was my babysitter for a lot of my formative years. It was never sit you in front of the TV all day kind of babysitting. It was full blown, interaction, creation, activities, events, stories, teach you to use scissors, keep you so busy you fall asleep in the car, kind of babysitting. She wanted us to experience and enjoy life as much as she did, and I do, I truly do. It’s something I didn’t really realize until today.

Recent Memory
The last time I saw my Aunt was at my brother’s wedding this past summer (the photo above is from said wedding, July 2011). Although I hadn’t seen her in a few years, we quickly fell back into old habits. I resumed my role as her bratty nephew. And she resumed her role as the shocked, I can’t believe you’re making a dirty joke, Aunt. I’m glad we made time while there to catch up, just the two of us. We also got to share a dance. It was the first and last time I ever got to dance with my Aunt. We had a blast!

To Friends And Family
I know anyone that had the pleasure of knowing my Aunt is feeling a lot of hurt today. I know I am. If you consider how she lived her life, I think she would want us to move away from our sorrow. She did everything BIGGER!
My Aunt smiled bigger, hugged bigger, lived bigger and loved bigger than anyone. My Aunt never let anyone tell her she couldn’t achieve something. If I ever have to remember something she taught me by example, it would be her optimism. Well, that, and how to use scissors.

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