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deniganBio: In early 2008, raised in Windsor, Ontario and steeped in a deep love for music, Den-igan began writing songs with her homegrown set of lungs and an old 3/4 guitar.
Raw demos recorded in her basement circulated at open mics and shows around Windsor-Essex County, until in 2011 Den-igan independently released her first self-titled full length album. After living and performing in Vancouver for the last couple years Den-igan now resides in Ontario. Concentrating on a full dedication to music with all there is to learn, writing her next full length album and touring to promote her newest EP “In The Fox Den” moving away from the classic acoustic format and drifting into an electric realm of guitar and keys. Den-igan offers clever word play with warm vocal tones and melody lines that sink into your brain.

Style of music: Acoustic

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