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Emily & the Mainlanders

emilyAndTheMainlandersEmily & the Mainlanders

Bio:  When Emily first came to Guelph from Clarenville, Newfoundland, she felt like an outsider. The hustle-bustle of Ontario was overwhelming. In an effort to overcome the intimidation, she began referring to anyone who was not from Newfoundland as a “mainlander”. The rest of the band was soon at her mercy and begged for her acceptance. Their pleas were heard, naturally, in the form of a musical union – one that would shatter the stigma around being a mainlander. Emily & the Mainlanders aren’t just a 7-piece folk-pop band, they are diplomats and peacekeepers. Keep your ears sharp and your heart open.

Style of music: Acoustic, Alternative, Country

For booking contact Rob Kirsch-Spring.

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