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Jesse Ronan

Jesse Ronan

jesseBio:  I am 28 year old singer/songwriter/musician Jesse Ronan, hailing from Guelph, Ontario. I have been playing in a semi-professional band, The Retrievers, for the past four years as a multi-instrumentalist/vocalsit. The instruments that I play and compose with include: acoustic/electric guitars, bass guitar, mandolin, banjo, harmonica, piano/keyboards, and drums/percussion. We (The Retrievers) put out our first studio recorded album, “Regeneration” on May 24th, 2013. It is comprised of 11 songs that I have co-written. I also write my own compositions as a solo artist, with a folk/country inspiration. I have recently put out two albums that I recorded in my home studio. The albums, “Planetary Grid Systems” (released Dec 21st, 2012) and “The Life & Times of Chicory Gibbs” (released Oct 31st, 2013) are my two home recorded albums. My music, as well as that of The Retrievers can be found online through iTunes and via Soundcloud. Thanks for listening!

Style of music: Acoustic

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