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Maximum RNR

Maximum RNR

"Maximum RNR" "Rock" "Metal" "Punk"Maximum RNR are like an uber-Stooges, a mega-Motorhead, and a mentalist New York Dolls all rolled into one. They make an utterly unsubtle blast of righteous rocknoize, wrapped up in a frenzy of flailing hair and thrashing rifferama. The singer spends most of his time scrabbling around on the floor – with true British stoicism the audience gazes impassively stagewards, even as he’s twitching like as landed fish right at their feet. The noise, naturally, never stops.

Ham fisted rock ‘n’ roll skirting the boundaries of punk, metal and hardcore.

“There are bands that come along every so often that make you wonder how on earth you ever lived without their music. Ladies and Gentlemen I introduce to you Canada’s finest import Maximum Rock & Roll. F**K! These boys can rock. I don’t think there’s anything that can prepare you for the crushing heaviness these boys crank out. I also like that there’s five diverse characters on stage, each throwing rock star shapes which adds to the show rather than distracts from it. In fact the plan was to only watch half of Maximum RNR’s set at the Olympia then move on to see another band, but these guys are so good it was impossible to tear yourself away from the fun.” – Phil King, Mudkiss Fanzine


Style of music: Rock

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