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Taking Balfour

Genre of Music: Alternative Rock

Hometown: Guelph

Bio: ‘Taking Balfour’ is a four-piece progressive rock band hailing from Guelph, Ontario. Founded by Noah Anderson in 2019, the beginnings of the band were tumultuous. With a constant changing lineup, things were off to a slow start. After months of searching the lineup began to take shape; and the sound along with it. The band’s founding member, has been a multi-instrumentalist since his early teens and went on to fronting multiple metal bands throughout the years. When Taking Balfour started taking shape, he knew it would be a challenge to find musicians who shared the same vision and goals to create something new and unique. Michael Topan was the second member to officially join the lineup; bringing a dynamic understanding of scales and  rhythm that added that extra layer of depth to the band and helped the music take shape. The unlucky streak with drummers was the biggest setback at the beginning, but wasn’t long until Drew Miner was discovered to fill the spot behind the kit. This added the well needed punch to the band’s overall sound and style. With a natural rhythm and impressive timing he quickly adapted and became the backbone of the band. Spencer Gill was the final missing piece of the puzzle. Joining on as frontman and vocalist, Spencer was a longtime friend of Noah. Also fronting metal bands in his early years, Spencer had a fallout with music when school and studying became a priority at the time. After a life changing event, he was drawn back into the world of music and became passionate about expanding his range and improving his skills. Not only has he filled that role but he’s made it his own, bringing the perfect amount of energy and drive along with him. The writing for their debut album was a collaborative effort between the members; with rough ideas and concepts expanded upon lyrically by Spencer and Noah. With songs exploring consciousness, the afterlife, the cosmos and beyond- Taking Balfour is just a short time away from dropping their first full length album and they couldn’t be more excited and proud to share what they’ve been working on!

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