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Time the Destroyer

Time the Destroyer

"Time The Destroyer" "Guelph" "metal" "Band"Time The Destroyer are a band known as being “a melodic train wreck” who formed in 2008 in the musical hot-bed of Guelph, Ontario.

After two years of writing, recording, destroying, rebuilding, moving, changing and playing shows in living rooms and venues across Guelph and area, we took a break in June of 2010 to gather our strength, recuperate and consider our next move.

Since the bands hiatus in 2010 there have been hints of a revival but it wasn’t until a few of the members got together for an impromptu jam in August 2011 that got serious talks going to re-activate the Destroyer.

Now, a short year later, there are inklings of a revival, a re-birth of epic proportions, as it were.

Style of music: Metal

For booking contact Nik Wever.

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Instagram: @timethedestroyer