Adaptor 45

Adaptor 45Bio: Adaptor 45 is high-energy rock with a sweet melodic edge. Guelph locals Niki Henry (bass) and Andrew Henry (drums) are the dynamic duo whose driving rhythms propel Lisa Myers and Laura Pitkanen’s layered, cascading guitars to new sonic heights. A second album release is in the works.

Adaptor 45 reunites members of several Toronto and Vancouver bands. Bass player Niki Henry was in infamous Vancouver band Maow, The Stinkies, Adventure Playground, and Polar Bear Express. Lisa Myers is the original guitar player from Chicken Milk and Venus Cures All. Andrew Henry is the former drummer of Venus Cures All and Polar Bear Express and he plays in Guh. Laura Pitkanen emerged on the scene as Lisa’s guitar mate from 24 Acres. Lisa and Laura also play in Long Branch (Don Pyle, D’Arcy Good, Sally Lee). Adaptor 45’s debut album of 12 songs, “Drive-in Scenes From The Highway” (2007), was recorded and co-produced by Dale Morningstar at The Gas Station in Toronto. Adaptor 45 released the album through their own Nofuzbreaker Productions. The song ‘Keep on Groovin’ appears in the feature film “Portrait of a Serial Monogamist” directed and produced by Christina Zeidler and John Mitchell, with score and music direction by Don Pyle.

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