boomechoBio: Somewhere in the Ward area of Guelph, Ontario, four people of disparate backgrounds of age, experience and shoe styles met to play music.  By not being able to agree on what cover songs would be mutually satisfying to play, they turned to writing their own songs and soon after their first encounter in 2010, they played their first gig with a full set of original songs.

From that first gig, the band has progressed to refine their songwriting, bandmanship and fashion to play a number of shows.

Now, BoomEcho enters a new phase: a CBC Music band page, demo recordings, and yes, some covers (Dylan, No Doubt, Foo Fighters, Paramore).

So there you have it. Four songwriters, four  vocals, two guitars, one bass, one drum kit and a BOOM followed by an ECHO.

Style of music: Alternative, Pop, Rock

For booking contact Dee Kaye

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