Lion Under Stars

"Lion Under Stars" "Band" "Guelph"Lion Under Stars is a young Folk/Rock band based in Guelph, ON. Founding members Chris Ladd and Chad Tutton formed the band in summer of 2010. By fall the duo had turned into a trio, adding Mike Chadwick on bass and harmony. The trio coined the name “With The Guys” and started playing shows. By winter the trio became a 4 piece, adding Daniel Richard on percussion and harmony. They quickly gained notoriety playing various venues across southern Ontario. In the summer of 2011, Mike Chadwick left “With The Guys”. This birthed a new sound, and ultimately a new name. “Lion Under Stars”. Soon thereafter bassist Jordan Fergin joined the band, filled the void, and made LUS a 4 piece. Unfortunately this was short lived. In summer of 2012, percussionist Daniel Richard and LUS parted ways. This led LUS to the discovery of a new percussionist, Andrew Haynes. Currently operating as a 4 piece, LUS enamors audiences with their thoughtful lyrics, catchy guitar riffs, and warming harmonies.

Style of music: Alternative, Rock

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