Sound Glyphics

soundglyphicsBio: Sound Glyphics was formed in Kitchener, ON in 2008 when founding members, Rick Barbosa and Rick Wren, met each other through the Tri-cities musical circuit.

The members of Sound Glyphics enjoy the avenue of experimental rock as means of musical expression; wanting to bring back certain song writing elements without fear of what the musical fashion-police would say.

With a dedicated lineup, Sound Glyphics plans to continue adding depth to modern rock music; the kind where layers are peeled with every listen.

The Sound Glyphics show, an eclectic mix of orchestrated chaos, captures punk energy combined with R&B soul/funk and the precision of progressive rock.

Sound Glyphics continues to expand their fan base and build positive relationships within the industry through the promotion of their new EP and live show

Style of music: Rock

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