Bio: It started out as a true obsession for the art of rock n’ roll. Young neighbourhood friends, Jake Dunn and Liam Godden would spend countless hours listening to and re-living the roots of where this art came from. Early influences such as ACDC, The Who, Guns n’ Roses, and The Beatles taught them the foundations of rock and sparked their desire to create great music.

They needed a bass player. Mike Evans was a friend of Jake’s through school and quickly filled the role when he was asked. When Mike entered the band more influences were brought to the table. More current bands such as Billy Talent, Foo Fighters and Rage Against the Machine were shaping their style.

As they searched for their sound, the final piece of the puzzle fell into place. So far the band had been without a singer, writing instrumentals and playing small shows for friends and family. They needed someone with a voice, someone who could get people off and control a crowd. Cameron Cerant showed up with the guts and determination of a great front man. They could tell right away from his electrifying personality that they had found the final missing piece of the band. Standby was complete.

The band released their self-titled debut EP on August 31st 2012. The release show was attended by 180 supporting fans. The EP was recorded and produced by “Arkells” drummer Tim Oxford and “Half Hour City’s” Kevin Woodburn.

Listening to Standby’s music truly shows the bands high level of musicianship, energy, and attitude. These three factors blend together to create an amazing rock show. The band is unlike any other. Standby has the whole package. They turn typical rock shows into an experience you will never forget.

Style of music: Alternative, Rock

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