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Bio: The Sunbelly band is a psychedelic, acid jazz band originating from Guelph Ontario and started playing in 2011 !! They quickly wrote many originals together! With the original members being LAUREN CHARRON bass and backup vocals and ELLIS ST.CROIX the lead singer and lead guitar player they grew to become a large power sound with many elements of classic rock!! Starting from a folk, blues and jazz sound they quickly added elements of funk rhythms with jazz chords and introducing a hypnotic soundscape of stacked electric Alien surf music they became the psychedelic band they are today!! With heavy overtones of lead guitar like Jimi Hendrix and rhythmic songs like Steppenwolf, the grateful dead, and Jefferson airplane they sound like a band from the peak of the mid 1960’s but within our generation and time of the 2000’s!! After the first unreleased album “THE COLOUR GARDEN OF INFINITE IMAGINATION” in 2012 “THE BELLY ” made a great change and moved to the west to gain more knowledge of the countries music scene from east to west coast and resided for a two year period in Abbotsford British Columbia!! There is where they worked side by side the Seattle Washington music scene and gained many followers from the USA and joined REVERBNATION.COM !! Playing their first show in Whistler BC made a huge breakthrough for the band and helped them gain confidence to write their new upcoming album “OPEN YOUR HEAD” said to be recorded summer of 2015… The belly had decided they had enough of the west and moved right back across CANADA to their hometown GUELPH ONTARIO where they now reside and are working and playing with their new drummer RHYS JUERGENSEN they are starting to play more and more venues.

Style of music: Acoustic, Blues, Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock

For booking contact Ellis St. Croix.

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