9179Connect-The Diamond Drapes

Bio: The Diamond Drapes are an accomplished trio who play 50’s rock ‘n roll with gusto and pride! Dressed in the style of the English “Teddy Boys” (a subculture in 1950s London, who fashioned themselves after Prince Edward VII), their smart three-piece black suits add a touch of class that sets them apart from other acts, intriguing their audiences before they’ve even played a note.

Although they’ve only been together since September 2012, their fan base is growing fast, with people of all ages wanting to know where they are playing next. Their authentic interpretation of classics from American and British 50’s rock ’n roll legends never fails to get people out of their seats dancing.

Lead singer and guitarist, Pete Lyth, has been performing in rock ‘n roll bands for 30 years, of which the last 7 have been as a professional musician fronting “The Rhythm Aces” in the U.K. The Rhythm Aces toured extensively. They were regarded as the top Teddy Boy band in the UK, and one of the top 50’s rock ‘n roll bands in Europe. Having recently immigrated to Canada, Pete brings with him a very high standard of musicianship and style to the music he is dedicated to. His command of the guitar places fellow musicians in wonder, and his vocals are unique and powerful. Pete is true to the sound and spirit of the original artists, and pays tribute to them with every song.
Bassist and backing vocalist, Kenny Lee plays the upright bass in the way the music was meant to be played, with a slap and a solid walking line. Kenny has listened to and loved this genre of music for years and is absolutely “slap happy” to perform his favourite songs.

On drums and backing vocals, Derek Millar delivers a swinging back-beat that completes the sound. Originally a jazz drummer, “Dekker the Wrecker”, as Pete has nicknamed him, plays Teddy Boy style rock ’n roll with a vengeance while decked out in his Edwardian drape jacket.

Giving 100% in every show, The Diamond Drapes are both impressive to see and exciting to hear. There is no other band like them. With professionalism as their priority, The Diamond Drapes performances are all-ages appropriate.

A few amateur videos and photographs of The Diamond Drapes can be found on the Facebook page of “The Steel Town Rockers 50’s rock ‘n roll club, Hamilton”, or on YouTube, but to really experience the quality of entertainment they deliver, you need to come out to one of their shows!

Style of music: Rock

For booking contact Pete Lyth.