The Greasemarks

"The Greasemarks" "Rockabilly" "band"Leaving a trail of grease stained pillows, broken hearts and busted amps in their wake, The Greasemarks have been doin’ desperate 50’s rockabilly raw & right since 2007. Three guys, all named Mark – a bassist pullin’ double duty, kickin’ a snare while beatin’ out the rhythm, a guitarist not thinkin’ much beyond keepin’ the chords live, & a young, drunk, explosion of nervous energy up front , barely able to hold the acoustic guitar in his hand as he chokes out the words.

They cut their teeth at the Shadow, and still regard Guelph as their hometown – never going more than a few weeks between shows at Jimmy Jazz.

Style of music: Blues, Rock-a-billy

For booking contact Mark.

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