yup2662Used Soap

Bio:¬†Used Soap first got together to jam in September 2013. Drummer Rhys Juergensen met guitarist Eddie Kay through an ad he, Rhys, had posted on Kijiji. That first jam in Eddie’s garage quickly turned into regular practices, and gave way to the first days of the two-man ‘band’, Used Soap. The two were on the same wavelength; their taste – and therefore playing style – of music were very compatible. It is a regular thing to have a new, original, full song laid out after each practice, so organic is the jamming.
Used Soap is currently practising and recording experimental jams in Guelph – still in Eddie’s garage, for now. The band is working on PR, promoting, and searching for gigs/a bassist. Look out for them busking in down town Guelph one evening.

Style of music: Rock

For booking contact Eddie Kay.

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