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"Weekend Riot Club" "band" "rock"Weekend Riot Club is a band born out of passion. This passion manifested in song before cascading into reality. When Melissa Marchese was introduced to Mike Chetcuti, they were both in the middle of souring marriages; relationships that mirrored their own unfulfilled dreams. The chemistry between Mike and Melissa was instantaneous, sparking an intense working relationship that inspired Mike to write songs about Melissa. At first, the songs acted as secret love letters, which were kept a mystery to everyone but the author. Weeks passed before Melissa came to the realization that the songs were about her. At that moment of clarity, the two were forced to part. Their personal lives were crumbling around them, making it impossible for them to work together or to possibly even see one another again.

Luckily, the cosmos thought better, bringing Mike and Melissa together again to explore the undeniable magnetic energy between them. In 2010 they decided they were ready to make Weekend Riot Club a focal point in their lives and began work on what would be their first album.

Psychotropia is the debut album from Weekend Riot Club. It manages to bottle the relentless energy and proficient technicality of the band’s live show, while also showcasing infectious melodies and hidden sonic depths. The songs evolved past the microcosm of their own lives, becoming a medium where they could explore larger themes. Human suffering, political turmoil, and ones flirtation with insanity are tackled through the lens of love and hope. The message became as important as the music. One wouldn’t exist without the other.

Working with a producer with the rock pedigree of Nick Blagona (Deep Purple, The Sheepdogs, Alexisonfire) definitely enhanced every aspect of the recording, as the production comes across in sterling high definition. These songs beg to be played loud! The thunderous work of drummer Paul Fontes rains down from the heavens, while Marchese and Chetcuti seem to be moulded out of the same being. In a world where attempts at buying chemistry are commonplace, the authenticity of Weekend Riot Club shines through.

There are moments in most lives when one will be faced with a decision; stay with what we know, or potentially give up everything for the chance at something extraordinary. Psychotropia is an album that demonstrates a band giving up everything to reach new heights. Psychotropia is an aural snapshot of a group of people accepting the life they were meant for.

Style of music: Rock

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