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Guelph Music Club: First Week Wrap-Up

Guelph Music Club had our first round of sharing this week. It’s not too late to join and it’s not just for Guelphites. Click the following links for more info on the assignment or the rules, Our first writing assignment, which ran for this, and runs for another 4 weeks, is Top 5 Albums from 1963 to 1973. So far, I’ve only been surprised by a few choices. But it’s only Week One! I’ll do this every week, but this week is important so you can follow us all on Twitter, and get a brief introduction. Here is how the first week shaped up.


220px-Ascension_albumMegan or @MMBRIS ‏started the assignment, making the first post of the week, choosing  John Coltrane , Ascension as one of her Top 5.  When Megan writes “I was 16 and decided to go grab a copy of the cd from my local HMV, having had to have it ordered in at that time. Read More… I actually had to stop reading to think about what I was getting ordered, to my local record store at, 16. Probably Pop Will Eat Itself albums, because I had heard Trent Reznor liked them.

The same day, Pat AKA ‏@Type1DIABEETUS picks Deep Purple’s Machine Head as one of his albums. “My dad was the first person to play this album for me when I was a kid and it has stuck with me ever since. Read More… If you’ve read my post for this week you already know I also have a father with impeccable taste in music, even if mine turned his back on it for a while. And yes, there are more fatherly themes to come. Pat can also eat a cooking onion like an apple. I’ve seen him do it. It’s impressive.


220px-TheDoorsTheDoorsalbumcoverOur Metal/Punk contributor ‏@Chucky667 picked a record by a band that has been on every music lovers mind this week as keyboardist Ray Manzarek of The Doors passed away. This album isn’t in my Top 5, but I do know what ‏Chuck means when she says, “They were ahead of their time, and continue to stand apart from other bands, even to this day. Read More…” The Doors‘ sound was never duplicated, especially that keyboard/organ. You know a song by The Doors as soon as you hear it.


NurseryCryme71Rob over at Sound In My Memory talks about one of his favourite bands, Genesis. I’m not surprised that ‏@soundinmymemory picked a prog band for his first entry. I’ve been reading his blog longer than I’ve had my own. What actually stood out to me was, “I regret that I allowed Genesis to be dismissed as a pop band for as long as I did. Read More…” Bands evolve over time and Genesis are a perfect example of that. I actually got into the band’s back catalogue because of a live DVD I’d seen, and was impressed by, during the Gabriel years. Otherwise, I also would have “Thought of Genesis as if they were just Phil Collins’ back-up band.”


220px-Pious_BirdThe end of the week scramble beings on Friday, first with ‏@kirstmck2 picking Fleetwood Mac – The Pious Bird of Good Omen. A lot of people forget that Fleetwood Mac were around long before  Rumours. They had a few different changes before settling with the “classic” Mick FleetwoodJohn McVieLindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks line-up. “Santana later popularized the album’s “black magic woman” and most listeners are none the wiser to its origin. Read more…” What?! My whole life has been a LIE! My favourite Santana song, is actually a Peter Green song! MIND = BLOWN! Thanks for crumbling my universe Kirstie.

220px-The_Band_(album)_coverartI didn’t really get into The Band by The Band,  @MatCalverley‘s first pick, until I was in my late twenties. They had a hippie stigma attached to them, in my mind anyway, and I was metal. I had long hair and was called a hippie all the time. So after the long hair went, I was able to appreciate The Band. “It’s an album of sitting around, drinking bourbon, cold nights, and warm spirits. Read more… I agree with Mat‘s sentiment exactly, except I prefer a smokey Scotch to bourbon.

David_Bowie_-_Hunky_DoryWho starts with David Bowie‏@MikeGamble that’s who!  Hunky Dory to boot. As some of you know, David Bowie is my favourite recording artist of all time. Mike pretty much sums up why when he says, “The catchiness and accessibility of every song, the guitar playing of Mick Ronson and just the overall “feel” of the album as a whole. You can really start to hear where Bowie was going to go in the future with his music. Read More…” Bowie did take a lot of chances with his music, some of it was good, and some was bad, but it was all fascinating on some level.

Led_Zeppelin_-_I wrote some words too, picking Led Zeppelin’s IV as my first album for the assignment. I talk about being grounded, Lord of the Flies, tape trading and  more! Read it here.


I guess I should be flattered that @Bejulip totally copied me! Just kidding. Her reasons for liking Led Zeppelin IV are completely different than mine. My favourite being, “It was an album so cool it didn’t even need a name. Led Zeppelin IV should totally beat Prince up for pretending he was the first one to think of it. Read more…

220px-StoogesRawPower@whiskysodacider finished up the week one posts with her choice, Raw Power. An album I didn’t discover until late into my musical journey.  “Raw Power is exciting and hyper music that you can dance to. Read more…” You can dance to it, but I probably shouldn’t.

Week two is already well underway, with about half of Guelph Music Club already having posts done. If you want to read those, check out #GuelphMusicClub on Twitter and follow this list!

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