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Guelph Music Club Homework Assignment #1 – Top 5 Albums from 1963 to 1973

Our inaugural topic for #GuelphMusicClub! During a chat on Twitter last week, a pile of music fans, bloggers, Guelphites thought it would be fun to read/write their own opinions on a weekly set topic. For the rules and break down, read this.

So The Bookshelf News mentioned a Top 5 list based on decade, with the first decade being 1963 to 1973. We were going to start with bands, but most of us agreed that albums would be easier, especially for our first run at this. I also believe it will be easier to do ONE ALBUM PER WEEK rather than all five at once. Justifying why you love an album could take up to 500 words. Multiply by five. 2500 words. That’s too many for most of us to write in a month, let alone a week. Plus, now you know what you’re writing about for the next 5 weeks. Which, with peoples summer schedule, will be easier to manage.

2013-05-16_18-47-51So, if I’ve made any sense here, for the next five weeks we’ll be exploring each others favourite albums from 1963 to 1973. Again, check out The Rules of Guelph Music Club if you want to join, and remember to use the #GuelphMusicClub hash-tag when you make your post so the rest of us can find it.

I got a list together on Twitter for making participants easier to find.


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