Music Lives!

It’s Always All Just A Kiss Away

I have one fond memory of Let It Bleed. I got it at Music In Orbit (I looked for a picture of the store front on the internet, but couldn’t find one) on vinyl for $8, because I was the only one to bid on it, during one of their weekly silent auctions. I also got the original pressing of Sticky Fingers, the one with the actually zipper on the cover, the same way. If you have the same version of Sticky Fingers take notice, the zipper will put a dent in the cover and the vinyl of the record next to it if there is enough weight on either side.

Let It Bleed is a record I put on when I have the blues and want to stay that way. No stories of high school or discovering myself this week. Just straight up moodiness and good tunes. When people talk about the Rolling Stones, or Keith Richards, being blues based, they are talking about Let It Bleed.

The album starts and ends with two of my Top 5 Rolling Stones songs, Gimme Shelter and You Can’t Always Get What You Want. Neither are classic “blues” but both songs are right up there with The Rolling Stones‘ greatest. Song two, side one is a Robert Johnson cover, followed by Country Honk, a stripped down version of Honky Tonk Women, played country-style, with a fiddle and such. The second side starts with an almost 7 minute version of Midnight Rambler, the harmonica and super-blues remix, and ends perfectly with YCAGWYW.

Being 3/5th through the Guelph Music Club‘s first assignment, I’m not actually surprised that no one else has named any Stones record as a favourite. It’s okay. I’ve always been outnumbered when answering that important question.

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