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Judging Round 2 BOTB @DSTRCT

How lucky can I be?
Seated between Metal Master DWok and Diva Supreme D’eve Archer along with Awesome Jim to judge Battle of the Bands is a new height for me!
I was nervous, knees weak, arms were heavy, Big Crunch -too much caffeine in my belly… Graciously, I was introduced by Mr. Nik Wever to the crowd and all the kind words that have been directed at me lately had me confident that I could do the battle proud and be honest to the bands.
Copper Hearts set the tone for the show and played their typically tight adult contemporary rock.  That bar was set pretty high!  Whether on purpose or not, the Steven Page-esque vocals by Jordan and the band’s energetic stage show was fit for any stage.  These guys are a staple for Guelph.  The Breaking English followed and these young, energetic and eager musicians played a variety of covers and originals from country music to R&B.  Up next, Cakeface wowed everyone with their heavy, dirty, New Orleans metal sound.  Last but not least, Apex Moe shocked me with their speed, rhythm and poetry, and extreme energy!  They were like an unbridled wall of sweaty talent.
These bands should be around for a long time, so go and give their pages “Likes” and watch/help them grow.
It was a great learning experience, and my time spent with this panel will help me help others down the road.  You all should come to the next battle June 22nd and the finals July 20th!

Bookmark this site, you won’t regret it!

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