Music Lives!

Music Monday January 28th, 2013

Most people who show me new music are quite close to me, physically. They’re showing me songs in their cars when we’re driving around, they’re handing me a CD at a concert, they’re playing their favorite new song on repeat at their party while I’m sitting on the couch. But there’s also a couple people in my life who are physically very far away, but who remain close to me through sharing music.

One of my very favorite people in the world is on the other side of it, in dreary Dublin, Ireland. I love the Irish. I love their greenery, I love their filthy curse words, I love their humor and I love my friend. He is crass and lovely and has absolutely amazing taste in music. So many of my beloved songs have come from him, and I am so grateful that he shares his music with me.

So today you’re getting a song from an Irish band, dedicated to my dear Irish friend. Two Door Cinema Club are certainly not new on his side of the pond, they’ve been around for years and have only recently been getting the attention they deserve. I even spied their name on the coachella line-up this year. They’re an adorable trio; they look a bit more like coffee baristas than rockstars. Their unique blend of jumpy pop is restless, awkward and totally danceable.  So hit play, Put some whiskey in your afternoon coffee, dance around to this song if you want. Either way, enjoy it, and put a little Irish in your day. 

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