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Music Monday July 7th- Anger, it’s a gift

I should have known today was not going to be the greatest day. On my to-list was dealing with 3 separate government call centres, getting my sticker renewed for my car and booking a few flights. It was a bit of a recipe for disaster;  I just got home late last night, had to deal with a rowdy neighbour in the middle of the night and spent the night tossing and turning to a thunderstorm. I wasn’t prepared for today. Fast forward to 3pm:  I’d spent a collective 67 minutes on hold, my car won’t pass its e-test for the dumbest reason (on a redundant test to begin with) and the only flight available to get me to my destination on time includes a 17 hour layover in OHIO. I started the day exhausted, and now I was livid. It was quickly shaping up to be one of those days where it seems everything is against you, where no one is returning your calls and you’re certain there was a memo to everyone around you that it was ‘Piss off Teresa Day’. I’m all for believing in the power of positive thoughts, but sometimes you just have a brutal day. At 4pm, I realized I had to do something, if I saw one more garbage inspirational quote on facebook or poster of kittens telling me to ‘hang in there’, I was going to snap.

I was hot and sweaty and hungry and mad. I needed a release. I needed to channel Fred Durst and break stuff. I needed the right song. Angry songs have a long and varied history; there are artists who make their entire careers off being angry and that’s exactly what I needed today. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been listening to some pretty easy rock lately but today I wanted nothing but pure, unadulterated hatred. I started out with the classics : I played ‘Walk’ by Pantera for a solid 3 repetitions before I felt a bit calmer. I then immediately switched to the anger ridden boys of my youth: Rage Against the Machine. I started off with ‘Killing the Name of’, played loud enough to irritate my neighbours if they were home. I finished it off with a full play through of the Battle of Los Angeles, easily one of the most defining albums of my adolescence. I spent a large portion of my fourteenth year making out on the couch while the RATM’s tour video played in the background.

When the final riff of ‘No shelter’ finished, I felt better. All music is designed for the listener to relate to it, to be able to listen to it and know that someone else is going through the same thing, even for an emotion as simple as anger. RATM’s frontman Zach De la Rocha famously said ‘Your anger, it’s a gift’ and today those words and all his others were the ones that got me through it all. I know in the grand scope of things, all my problems are miniscule. I’ll figure out the car stuff, probably go on a grand adventure in Ohio and unfollow all those annoying people on facebook. If you too find yourself in a similar angry position, come on back here, press play and just rage out. Anger is a gift, but it luckily doesn’t last forever. Tomorrow is another day. 

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