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Music Monday June 1st – Ryn Weaver

Sometimes I worry we’re going to run out of songs. There’s already a ton of evidence showing how we often recycle certain melodies and themes, but there’s really only so many ways something can be interpreted, right?

Maybe not.

I spent most of my computer time in high school on napster and kazaa, making custom mixes to show boys how I really felt about them. One of my most frequent searches was simply the word ‘acoustic’ because that word pretty much guaranteed I would like a song. There was always something very endearing about a musician with just a simple instrument. By the time I left my hometown I had amassed quite the collection and a reputation as the ‘sad song queen’.

I’ve already written about my ‘songs are only as sad as the listener’ viewpoint, but I also want to point out that just because a song is stripped down to its barest, raw emotion doesn’t mean it has to be sad. This was recently proved to me after watching Ryn Weaver’s imaginative take on her song ‘Pierre’. Backed by an array of strings (used traditionally and being tapped on), she nails her brilliant lyrics with her truly impressive vocal range. Seriously, is she human?

Her debut album, ‘The Fool’ will be out in a couple weeks. She’s released a couple songs off it and they’re all phenomenal. ‘Promises’ has reflective lyrics bouncing off a catchy and primal drum beat and her single ‘OctaHate’ is inventive and screaming to be remixed for dance floors. These 3 songs have made her June 16th release shoot up to the top of my most anticipated albums of 2015 list, I hope they do the same for you.




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