Music Lives!

Once More….With Feeling!

Alright, second last post about death (last post if you don’t count Name That Tune answers). A quick 4 that are a MUST play at my funeral. I’m putting this out there now so no one screws this up if anything were to happen to me. For example, what if my sister insisted on playing a Britney Spears song, only because she knows I’ve seen her live in concert. While making this list I realized how many songs we (or maybe it’s just me) assume are about lost love or heartbreak but can just as easily be about death.

And now the end is near…

This sums up me, and how I live, or will have lived. It’s an oldie and a goody and actually makes me think of my Grandfather. It actually suits him WAY better. But in myself I see pieces of him. It would also make a strong exit for the pallbearers.

You Were Bigger And Brighter And Whiter Than Snow

Slide shows are pretty standard at funerals. Here is the obvious choice for my musical accompaniment. I always thought it was a the type of song that could choke you up all on it’s own. Good luck getting through it mourners.

I Am Still Right Here

This is a sneaky way of getting two of my favourite performers in one shot, Johnny Cash and Nine Inch Nails. Also, depending on the time of my demise, forcing some of my family to actually LISTEN to a NIN song.

Bye, Bye, Baby It’s Been A Sweet Love

There is not a lot that needs to be said for this song. Everybody knows it and loves it. “For I must be traveling on, now. ‘Cause there’s too many places I’ve got to see” can be taken as inspirational for the family of the departed.

Miss You Love
There are a lot of songs that I considered for this list, but most of them were conditional. If I were to die before I marry I would suggest “Too Fast For Love” by Motley Crue. If I was married, I’d hope my wife would want to play something like “Last Kiss” by Pearl Jam or something like it. Is there a song you hear that makes you think of me? Comments? Your list? Post them here.

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