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The Show Must Go On

Five bands/musicians I wish I had the chance to see live…..
I’m not intentionally keeping with the dark undertones of my last post. For anyone that knows me and as I stated at the end of my last post, A Special Tribute, I’m usually a pretty optimistic guy. Everyone has their ups and downs and sometimes it’s better just to speak from the heart. I promise some light and funny posts in the coming weeks. So let’s get into this and give you something to listen to.

Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam
Nirvana where the biggest band in the world at the time of Kurt’s death and I whole heartily believed that Courtney had him knocked off until I read Heavier Than Heaven : A Biography of Kurt Cobain. I believed that there was NO way he could do that to himself. Really though, it doesn’t matter. If you’ve ever lost someone to suicide you already know it hurts the same as if they had died any other way. I picked this song because of it’s mentions of heaven and hell, but also because when I worked at a camp we actually sang the Christian rendition he mentions in the intro.

Smooth Criminal?

Say whatever you want about his personal life. I don’t care. If a jury of my peers found me innocent, I would hope that would be enough for everyone else. Michael Jackson was the greatest entertainer of all time. If you haven’t seen This Is It yet, do yourself the favour. I was supposed to see the Victory Tour in 1984, but all I got was a lousy T-shirt. This video rules and Eddie Van Halen kills it at 3:10!

Guess Things Happen That Way

Nothing can really be said about Johnny Cash. He lived his life hard. He screwed up and redeemed himself over and over. Johnny Cash toured with everybody cool. Check out Cash: The Autobiography. Used book stores have them all the time. I can’t imagine selling my copy.

Cemetery Gates

So Nathan Gale really didn’t think this one through. Was his intention to only wound two of the ex-Pantera members? If so, he’d still be locked up if his actions did somehow bring about a reunion. Whatever he was thinking he ripped the rest of the world off by taking away Dimebag Darrell and my chance to ever see the GREATEST metal band of the 90’s.

A Kind of Magic

Queen! Freddie Mercury has to be my favourite vocalist of all time! His range, power, stage presence, vibrato and grace have never been paralleled (Bruce Dickinson is right up there though). A lot of current performers have a lot to thank him for.

The Last Waltz
I know there are a lot more performers out there. I narrowed my list down from 11 to 3 but forgot about 2 that were musts! Write your own Top 5 or questions and comments here. Until later keep on, keppin’ on.

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