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Tunes Tuesday: The Namedroppers album My Funny Hypochondriac review by Bry

The Namedroppers album, My Funny Hypochondriac review by Bryan McNeill
Online sample:

This is a monster band with Stephen GombocMichael Di FeliceSammy Duke, and Anthony Damiao all coming together for a funky, psychedelically jazz infused masterpiece.

The opening song Hall of the Mountain Thing is explosive and playful with Anthony Damiao‘s familiar caterwauling.  Some interesting sped up guitar arrangements reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons and classic rock, while adding to the overall introduction of the album.

Hey Man IMO is a total rip on the average North American.  “I’m completely harmless” in the face of the destructive forces of our decaying culture.

The Smartest Man Alive is a latin shift and I think it’s about me.  That’s how it makes me feel, my tongue nearly severed again, but by my molars instead of incisors.  Very tongue in cheek.

My Funny Hypochondriac emphasizes and pokes fun at the waste of time and money hypochondriacs pose on the medical complex.  More of an overall ridicule of overly populous human nature in my opinion, and the album is aptly named.  This is a very fun and cerebral piece of art.  And fun.

Black Tie Optional  basically sums up the ridiculousness of average living, but also has me hearing, “black tie a$$hole” and closes with a Trumpy “China” which I loved.

Feature Film reminds you of how most people see the world, and yells a wake-up call.   Sick, upbeat rock ‘n’ roll.

Bad Reaction begins “There’s a hole in every pocket, a noose in every tie, a waiting room for all your petty problems” makes thoughts happen. At 2:23 the song takes off into a cartoonish surf-rock and then jazzy saxophone.  ‘Turns into a banger, maing.

Folie a Deux, the last song, if you don’t doze off by the sultry, sweet, light guitar that I thoroughly enjoyed for the first 3:20, gets into some really explosive jazz.  A mental breakdown on the guitar leads back into a frenzy of awesomeness and then develops into a wild arrangement of their familiar instruments.  I won’t tell you how, but the very end reminds me of a Dirtybird song that Uncle Anus gave me.
The first 6 songs pull you in and the last 2, making up half the album, really deliver a great display of talent.   I’m quite happy being one of the first to hear this album and write about it.  ‘S really good.

Some of these songs will make their way into my gym playlist, for sure.  I’m curious to peel the onion of this album!
Check out Anthony at his regular Monday night Open Stage for The Cornerstone and buy this record.
Can you find the cancer?  100 points to anyone who can.  They might buy you a drink.

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