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Your Neck Of The Woods Farewell Show

I’ve been a fan of Your Neck Of The Woods since the first time I got to see them play live. I’m not exactly sure when that was. I’m not sure if I was at their first show, or if I’d just randomly come across them at one of Guelph‘s many venues for live music. All I do remember is the energy they brought to the stage and how it, somehow infected, everyone else in the room. I will talk about it a little, but now that I have great new phone (HTC One S, I love you!) I can show you as well.

As you can see. The place was packed. Actually Van Gogh’s Ear stood at capacity for the entirety of Your Neck Of The Woods set, which ran almost an hour and a half. I’m sure they played every song they recorded, wrote, and songs they added into a medley at the end of their set (See video two below). Everything about the night was exceptional.  There were no drunk girls crying over their boyfriends. They were all dancing. There were no guys being macho and fighting, although, the front row of male fans did get topless near the end of the set. Everyone was just having the time of their life. I mean, body surfing, at Van Gogh’s Ear, at a country show. Really?!

There was no real highlight to the evening. The whole show was the highlight, with Your Neck Of The Woods bringing up friends as backing vocalists for the last song they’d ever play together as a band. It’s very safe to say that Your Neck Of The Woods went out with a bang and will be one of Guelph‘s most missed bands.

Visit our Facebook page for a Gallery of photos from the event with lots of crowd shots. If you were there, tag yourself and your friends!

I’m glad to report that Ben Doerksen, their six foot plus lead singer, has formed a new band and will be playing Jimmy Jazz August 11th. Check out our event page!


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