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    17 Bands Captured at 10 Venues!
    17 Bands Captured at 10 Venues!

    23 Jun 2022

    Our latest Music Lives Crawl happened Friday night of GAIN Fest 2022 and I think I’ve finally recoup’d.
    Good golly, as April Wine might say, “Oowatanite”

    As we start at the earliest show we can attend on the Event List page, and run through the night in chronological order, we started as usual at Guelph’s jazz club, Manhattans. It was our first time seeing the young and talented Andrew Schoettler dancing across the keys on the house Baby Grand Piano. Andrew has become a regular performer with a variety of players.

    Downtownward we rushed to run upstairs to ONYX Nightclub where Basic White was sparking the GAIN Media Festival fire..

    We walked up to the old St George’s Square to SIP Club and caught an early part of cover band Urban Sky  playing “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie!

    A couple doors down Douglas Street is Red Brick Cafe, where GAIN Fest’s Singer/Songwriter showcase was being hosted by Jesse Alarcan. Underway was Mark Honestly playing in front of the Mayor Cam Guthrie and patrons.

    Then we ran to Hondica Lewinsky (my car) and jetted out to Fixed Gear Brewing west of downtown to catch a glimpse of the wonderful Alex Price who plays consistent Friday evenings for their frequenters.

    Next, we hurried to Silence on Essex St downtown to see boy band Sun Junkies open GAIN Fest at Silence!

    Then we flew out to nearly the westernmost tip of Guelph to Royal City Studios to be surprised by the young Coywolves ripping Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”!

    Back downtown to Red Brick Cafe to see the lovely Emma Worley hypnotizing the listeners with an original song.

    We walked back to ONYX Nightclub to catch the end of rap artist Manatee‘s set

    And saw the beginning of heavy metal band We Are Human!

    Then we rushed back to the car to drive out to the North end to the Stampede Ranch to see some of the The Godfreys playing some good ol’ country..

    While out that direction, we zipped to Silvercreek’s 360 to see their first Friday night Karaoke turnout!

    Back downtown in time to see JUPITER HOLLOW who really rocked my socks. In my opinion, the best stage presence of the night.

    Then, another dash to Silence to see Livers make the party people dance.

    Then we walked back up the hill to MacDonnell Street and met with some friends at Royal Electric Public Eatery to see pop-punk coverband The Hot Karls (the 8th best cover band of all time) and the house was jumping!

    Back around the corner to Wyndham Street and up to ONYX to catch Metal band and GAIN Fest Friday headliner Killitorous thrash the people in the pit!

    And finally, a wee rest as we landed at the old familiar Jimmy Jazz where Johnny Hovel was entertaining his crowd at his monthly residency.

    We made it to McCabe’s Irish pub but by then, Dave Alxsndr was done for the night. And we were pooched!

    MUSIC LIVES in Guelph.


    Photo courtesy of Killitorous’ Facebook page

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