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    2024 Update! Plugins troubleshooting…
    2024 Update! Plugins troubleshooting…

    22 Feb 2024


    Hey gang!

    Bryan here, and it’s been awhile.

    Firstly, I’m undertaking some plugin issues that aren’t going smoothly. Thanks for your patience with the calendar, list and venues not showing up properly.

    I have to update that we lost funding from the DGBA in the summer, which was our only income. I reached out to the venues and all but 3 turned down a minor support request -for various reasons.

    Times have been tough, and Guelph has lost some great music venues.

    Now, we’re down to one supporter. They have been prioritized for calendar updates, and we’re in talks still with the city about funding opportunities that might arise in April. So I’ve stepped back a skosh, but will update when I have time.

    It would still be great to have volunteers.

    Bryan McNeill
    Music Lives

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