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2nd Band Confirmed for 1st Drive-In Covid-19 Show!

*Once the date is confirmed, the event page will be up and YOU will be the first to know*
Frenemy has been confirmed to be sharing the stage alongside Cavan Brothers (of bands: JerrycanU the BandGot Social, and The Long Dark Road) at ROYAL CITY STUDIOS for the first live-music drive-in concert happening next month!
From their Facebook about page:

Artists We Also Like:
The OBGM’s, DDMMYYYY, New Design, Kiz and Legin, System Of A Down, Refused, Botch, Daughters, Tool, MF DOOM
Interests:  Any intoxicant
Needful to say, we tried to interview them last night while they had a band practice, but there was more text redacted than allowable.  I, Bry, will say that this band is one of the most explosive and awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping bands I’ve seen in Guelph.  You never know what craziness Derek Schaller, lead vocalist could get up to.  He’s both one of the most intelligent, and witty counter-culture minds I’ve ever met.  Borne of saints, this devilishly handsome and dangerously charismatic antihero will have your mind glued to his lyrics while your eyes are glued to his performance (partially so you don’t get covered in mustard or something).  These two bands together are a great fit stylistically and energetically.


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