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    80’s Dance Night ft. The Spoons night review by Bry
    80’s Dance Night ft. The Spoons night review by Bry

    29 Apr 2018

    I arrived at The Guelph Concert Theatre at 8pm and could sense there was something noticeably different about the attire.  80s! Not full blown Kim Wilde hair and sharp cheekbone blush, but definitely some old jackets got dusted off for this night.

    We were marinated in 80s hits such as “True” by Spandau Ballet, and “Shake it Up” by The Cars.
    At 8:11pm fog hit the stage and I got excited. After all, George Chuvalo spoke at my high School in Guelph back in the 90’s and he beat up Mohummad Ali for 12 rounds and then went dancing with his wife while Ali went to the hospital. Oh, but Ali won the fight. Apparently Mr. Chuvalo wasn’t feeling very well, so he couldn’t attend. Bummer! What an inspiration.
    So anyway, about 8:20pm SPORTSCASTER & AUTHOR – John Gallagher addressed the stage, and introduced Doug Todd who farted and spoke about the 50/50 prizes: George Chuvalo boxing gloves, Sandy Horne’ s guitar proceeds to sponsor the under 14 Rockwood soccer team who are really kicking butt.
    Shortly thereafter, THE BOMB – 80’s Tribute Band started with “I just can’t get enough” by Depeche Mode and the dance floor started to fill up immediately. The singer transitioned into Icona Pop’s “I Love It” and the singer raised his voice to hit the notes! Pretty impressive.
    Then the band moved into “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode and the place was rocking. The sound in The GCT is great. I started standing behind the sound tech’s booth and then moved around to check it out and even way in the back corner, the sound was crisp. This crowd was getting a great experience! Then the band went into “Let’s Go” by The Cars and you get the idea. Tears for Fears, Frankie Goes Hollywood, Simple Minds.. the lead singer Scott hits every note beautifully. Then a saxophone joined the stage and the band played Duran Duran. InXS’s “Devil inside” really got the crowd jumping! I want to do it for karaoke.  The sax and Scott’s screams synched wonderfully. When he strapped on his acoustic electric and began to strum the chords to “Faith” by George Michael’s? The crowd went wild.
    I Melt with You by Modern English was covered… et cetera.
    These 80s fans can still move
    A-Ha “Take on Me” finished their set at 9:23pm
    George Chuvalo joined the room via video and a response video was made while stage hands set up The Spoons’ gear.  I was told he wasn’t feeling well by a staff member, but in fact, he was in California accepting an award!  I should have listened to John Gallagher better!
    10:08pm The Spoons opened with Arias & Symphonies!  Instant crush on Sandy Horne. A regular at the poolhall said the Spoons are a 2 piece with digital drums but not for this show.  ‘Poor guy’s missing out.  I decided it’s time to put my phone away and enjoy The Spoons.
    Sorry – not sorry! Pull up a playlist and enjoy..
    Gord Deppe can really play guitar.
    The Guelph Concert Theatre is a terrific venue and thanks to all those involved for an amazing experience.
    The spoons were wrapping up, so I ran over to DSTRCT to catch Taylor Kerr’sband Crown & Jesterwho really surprised me with their presence and great pop-punk tunes.

    Then I went to the Jimmy Jazz to hear The Essential Letdowns crush some old school live punk music.
    Such a crazy party tonight, downtown wide!

    I <3 downtown Guelph!

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