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    A Diverse Tour of a Guelph Saturday Night
    A Diverse Tour of a Guelph Saturday Night

    03 Apr 2022

    Welcome back to live music in the Royal City!

    I don’t get out as often as I used to, but I made sure to make the most of Saturday April 2nd 2022 by swinging by several Guelph venues and grabbing a short Instagram video to show the diversity of music playing live on any given weekend. I was joined by friend and sound tech Tye Sepers who’d never been out to enjoy some of the venues and he was very excited to check out their setups.

    First, we made it to Fixed Gear Brewing Cantina on Edinburgh road to catch the first song of Brasil’s Maicon Hytch SaxOphone‘s first set. The seating and bar were already at capacity by 8pm and adoring fans were singing along in Brazilian Portuguese.
    We were lucky enough to have a look at their super cool yurt patio setup, too.

    Second, we went south to manhattan’s Bistro for a taste of Charlie Cooley and Stan Chang groovy Jazz covers.

    Third, we crossed town all the way to Woodlawn road to catch the beginning of The Bareback Riders live country music at The Stampede Ranch. Tye was really impressed with their 3 tier setup, huge dance floor and impeccable audio quality.

    Fourth, the “heart of live Music” in the downtown core, the newly renovated Jimmy Jazz was hosting an awesome heavy metal show. Bands are tagged in the comments! And the pizza was enjoyed, as always.

    Fifth stop was to check out our old friend Lucas Stagg at SIP Club, the most consistent live music venue in Guelph throughout the pandemic. Lucas has a sound that can’t strictly be called country, blues or rock and roll
    And owner/operator Dewey was so kind as to give us a shout-out on-stage to the lovely patrons

    Sixth, we were lucky enough to catch Urban Sky at the Red Papaya Thai and Grill crushing one of their many great rock covers.

    Seventh and not least, one of the nicest and most talented young fellows was performing solo loop-pop at McCabe’s, David Scott.

    There you have a nice, sweet peek into just seven of Guelph’s wonderful live music venues on a random Saturday night. Be sure to check our calendar for your upcoming live music needs!


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    3 thoughts on “A Diverse Tour of a Guelph Saturday Night

    1. We just moved to Guelph. We’re retired but still love to get out and listen to live music. Thanks for sharing.

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