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    A Random Saturday Night in May 2022
    A Random Saturday Night in May 2022

    23 May 2022

    In the immortal words of Doctor John, “Such a night!

    What started off as a last minute dash to get out and puddle-jump the music scene became a night that must be documented not only on our Instagram page, but the second in what may be many posts about the diversity that is the Guelph Music Scene.
    I was able to get to one of Guelph’s newest live music locations and check out Silvercreek’s 360 Saturday night band, London’s pop-rock duo The Shallow Wells. It was our first time getting to have a peek at the setup and check out the sound. Here’s a clip.

    Second. I zipped downtown and parked near SIP Club where I heard sweet funk music as I neared the door. Urban Sky was in full swing covering “Brick House” by The Commodores

    Getting to ONYX Nightclub and having unfortunately already missed Guelph’s own LUVR, I was lucky to catch the last few songs by Singer Songwriter Emma Worley.

    A dash to The Wooly, where Guelph’s homegrown show stopper Jessy Bell Smith (Richard Laviolette And The Oil SpillsSkydiggers) had just started her first set and I got to listen to a few songs. It’s been awhile and I hope to see her at the Motown Tribute show at Royal City Church this summer!

    The night all started because Nik of GAIN Media reached out and offered tickets and for us to do a giveaway (so keep in tune for more in the future on our social media pages) to their ELLAVATOR headlining show, and I couldn’t pass up the chance. Such captivating personas and feel good pop tunes had the crowd of all ages gripped and singing along.

    I zoom-zoomed out to manhattan’s jazz club to catch the end of Joe Lucchetta who was called to fill in at the last minute. Joe is often featured on the live music roster every month and is a staple in the local jazz scene. Here’s Joe’s rendition of Chuck Berry’s “C’est La Vie (You Never Can Tell)”

    I was anxious to see Fixed Gear Brewing’s new country music looper that Manager Riley was excited to tell me about. They’re trying out a country music night once per month and I was very fortunate to catch Jessie T’s first gig at the canteen. I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped when I heard her effortless, Dolly Parton class voice. We hope to see Jessie T performing in the Royal City again soon. Perhaps again solo at the Brewery or with a full band Galley West in rotation at The Stampede Ranch?

    I dropped-off Hondica Lewinsky (my car) and kicked-back at the Jimmy Jazz for cover band The General’s Tavern. Impressive rock and roll, and emo-rock covers. I just wish they played later!

    I had intentions of getting over to see my pal David Scott at McCabe’s as he’s a total beauty of a human and musician, but I ran into one of the best people in the world and former bartender at the ol’ J-Jazz, and we had much catching up to do. Here’s a clip of David Playing a couple of months ago because I feel bad about not seeing him. Or Isaiah Rashaad at Guelph Concert Theatre. Or Settler’s Creek at The Stampede Ranch…

    So, bookmark and keep your eyes on our calendar for all your live music needs in the Royal City, Guelph Ontario.
    If we’re missing something, please submit an event so we can help get butts in seats and rhythm in ears!
    Photo courtesy of Ellevator’s Facebook page

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