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Air Marshal Landing: You Used Be Me – Album Review

I had the pleasure of seeing Air Marshal Landing back in April at a GAIN Music event. I liked their live show, told them about Music Lives, and offered to help them any way I could in the future. A couple of weeks ago, Air Marshal Landing‘s You Used To Be Me arrived in my inbox. I’m really glad they took the time to send it in advance, as it usually takes me quite a few listens, to fairly review an album. I like to be able to absorb the album as a whole, to the point I know almost every song, well enough to sing along, in my head. This album was released today on iTunes and Bandcamp.

You Used To Be Me starts of with a pair of banging, upbeat, dance rock, tunes, Move With You and Bourgeoisie. The production is crisp and clean. You’ll want to dance, until Nocturne starts. One of my favourite songs on the album, Nocturne draws your attention to the vocal talents of Air Marshal Landing, starting almost a cappella, building slowly in volume and intensity with, a military style, snare drum roll. Me And My Friends, Death By Calypso and Little Town get you back bouncing and remind me why I liked Air Marshal Landing when I saw them live. These guys have great energy. Jessie (West Coast) and Commander Edward Smith are tales of the sea with pirate themes throughout, and along with Heart, Head, Hands, show a depth and diversity in the song writing and story telling ability of Air Marshal Landing.

Recorded on the West Coast last fall, You Used To Be Me is a great album. It has a professional sound throughout and a flow that keeps the listener interested. The songs aren’t cluttered or too busy, they sound like they are played by a power-trio, so they’ll transfer well to the stage. You Used To Be Me isn’t reinventing the wheel, what it does has been done before,  it’s just not usually done as well as Air Marshal Landing have done it here.

See Air Marshal Landing live in Guelph, at GAIN Music hosts Courage My Love, Mandroid Echostar, Air Marshal Landing & Boom Echo at Van Gogh’s Ear to get a physical copy of You Used To Be Me.


Get digital copies from either iTunes or Bandcamp.

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