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Album Review: TWO DUDES in Alex’s Bedroom

Cody James McDusa and Evan Vander Woude have created an 8 song folk/punk album that will hit you in the “feels” and also make you think.  A Socio-political, 8 song spread that has a lot to acoustically offer.  And some banjo!
Lots of pensive lines, lots of rawness, awareness and depth.  These two beauties put together a sweet piece of art for the Guelph community that Bryan  believes could resonate world wide.

TWO DUDES in Alex’s Bedroom
1.  More People Should Know Who Matt Pless is by Evan Vander Woude
2.  Some Stupid Metaphors and Shit by Cody James McDusa
3. Someone Needs To Start a Revolution So I Can Like it On Facebook by Evan Vander Woude
4.  Write a Happy Song by Cody James McDusa
5.  The Absurdist by Evan Vander Woude
6.  As You Know by Cody James McDusa
7.  Optamist Prime by Evan Vander Woude
8.  Don’t Stop Hugging Me by Cody James McDusa

Recorded and Produced by Alex Snape in his bedroom.
Album layout and design (including claymation) by Negative Underground.
Bryan wants to see more of Negative Underground’s work.

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An interview with Evan
Mac N’ Sleeze

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