Alex Ricci & The Still Nothing: Imprints Album Review

Alex Ricci is a man of many bands and styles. He’s been an active part of the Guelph music scene, attending shows and playing in many bands, over the years.  Imprints is the first full length album by his newish band, Alex Ricci & The Still Nothing. It’s already available on their Bandcamp for digital download with the official Guelph CD release party happening June 20th, at The eBar.

While listening through Imprints the first time, a few songs jumped out at me immediately, but I got lost in the middle somewhere so went back, plugged in my headphones and really listened.  Alex Ricci & The Still Nothing have started with great indie/pop/rock songwriting and didn’t let those fundamentals get away from them. Imprints is produced with a raw consistency that was lost somewhere in the late 80s or early 90s, before Bass Boost and modern sound compression. The warmth you feel from listening to Imprints is in the details. Yes, at first listen, you might confuse the record with any DIY album from someone with above average production or recording skills. What you should actually be listening for are the horns used on Mysterious Words,  Take The Pen and others. The want to jump in a car and take a road trip when the opening track, Moving On, starts. The way Living In the Past makes me smile for no reason at all.  You should be paying attention to the vocal harmonies and harmonica in the song End Of The World.

I’m sure some of these songs have been rattling around for a while but I’m glad Alex Ricci & The Still Nothing recorded and released this album as quickly as they did. Imprints has it everywhere it needs it without anything sounding hurried OR over done. At a time where DIY bands with studios are too often left to their own devices, it’s great to hear that Alex Ricci & The Still Nothing know how to use them.

Come see them perform live at GAIN Music presents Alex Ricci & the Still Nothing ‘Imprints’ CD Release.

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