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Bias Ply

Bias Ply

Bio: Bias Ply has been smashing genres together in Guelph since 1989, using any instruments at hand, and samples from anywhere.  While he has explored other places, he always ends up back in Guelph… not sure how that keeps happening.  Over these years while the genres may have shifted, it’s always been about creating a groove or feeling using a variety of found sounds and influences.  Currently Bias Ply  streams (on Twitch) Live Dub Mixing of original material, and on Soundcloud posts various bits of jungle/DnB/dubstep, or as he calls it #dirtstep.

Almost all of the discography lives on Bandcamp, feel free to stop by and listen!  Warning: It’s all over the place in style and production value.

Hopefully Bias Ply can bring the live dub mixing to a venue near you when mingling is safe!

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