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Chris Simonato

Chris Simonato

Born and raised in Guelph Ontario Canada, Chris Simonato began his musical journey at 13. Influenced by Queen guitarist Brian May, as well as the greats of 70’s and 80’s rock, he started guitar lessons. Determined to become a great musician, he excelled quickly. In college he would impress friends with his skills in the studio and on stage.
He graduated Fanshawe college in London Ontario with a diploma in Music Production.

Simonato spent several years in cover bands mastering his craft and began songwriting after hearing Big Wreck’s debut album “In Loving Memory Of…”.

After a decade doing the family man thing, he began work on his own full length album over a period of 3 years. The result was his debut “That Night In June”.  Initially it was well received in the land down under, but COVID 19 had other plans and put an abrupt end to his rising career.

His style can be described as contemporary rock although his latest single “Girl From A Small Town” adds a little country flavor to the mix. His next full length release promises to push his boundaries to the next level. We can look forward to more of his beautiful ballads and some new edgier tunes.

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