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Dylan Creed

Dylan Creed

Dylan Creed

Dylan Creed is a 21 year old Singer/Songwriter from Guelph Ontario. He has currently recorded and sold 2 Albums: “Nostalgic Relief EP” is a collection of 7 songs that are primarily acoustic guitar with vocals, and “Home EP” is the second album, which incorporates the use of electric guitar, percussion, synthesyzers, and vocal harmonies. Dylan Creed is currently studying to receive a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Music at The University Of Guelph and is a constant contributor to music events on and off of the U of G Campus.

Dylan Creed began playing guitar at the Age of 13 and was dedicated to it since he started in highschool. He went all through any music class he could and joined a few small bands along the way. After graduating highschool, Dylan was accepted to the University Of Guelph for the Music Program. Dylan has also started playing shows around the Guelph area and is always looking for new events and fans.

Style of music: Acoustic, Alternative, Rock

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