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    One Minute Shy

    One Minute Shy

    One Minute Shy began as two brothers who started a project band named after one of their original songs. This project evolved over the years from an instrumental band of two guys recording music and making online videos, to the band they are today, which are five really good friends who write and record original music and perform it live at venues throughout Southern Ontario.

    In January 2018, One Minute Shy released their self-titled debut album which has been played worldwide and has received numerous rave reviews. They then set out to perform live but in the summer of 2018 their lead vocalist decided to step down and pursue other interests. With the unexpected setback, the remaining members looked for a new singer and found him in their long time friend who was their vocalist from years past.

    With new fire and a renewed purpose, One Minute Shy continued rehearsing, and in August of 2019 they played their first show at Junction City Music Hall in Toronto. This was their first show together in over 15 years. Since then, they have played at venues in Guelph, Waterloo, and London, as well as a couple more shows in Toronto.

    Going forward, One Minute Shy are continuing to write and record new music and will continue to perform live to as many people in as many places as they can.

    One Minute Shy’s music is a throwback to classic thrash metal with their own modern twist to it. Their songs are full of energetic and catchy riffs mixed with a lot of melody. They make you want to throw your fist in the air and bang your head.

    One Minute Shy Lineup:

    Josh Cornelius – Vocals
    Scott Laffin – Drums
    Craig Laffin – Guitar
    Dwayne Benoit – Guitar
    Sam Davies – Bass

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