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Still Sound

Still Sound

Still Sound


Bio: Guelph based trio first started with just Parker Rahn and Brian Sanchez as a whatever project meaning acoustic jams or electric. Since the very first few jams we had we immediately knew that creating a project/band was our goal. As time went by our material grew excessively and tightly, but we had one problem no band name. For the longest time we thought and tried different things but eventually came to “Still Sound” sort of an oxymoron of sound. Meanwhile…NOW we were on a hunt for a bass player knowing how much it would fill out our two piece sound. We looked and looked and tried different people but no luck unties one day I looked through Kijiji and found Ryan Upton, also from Guelph and from there he became the perfect piece for our puzzle with bass lines out his ear he really is the perfect addition for Still Sound.

Style of music: Alternative

For booking contact Brian Sanchez.

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