The Stragglers

The Stragglers

The Stragglers

noun strag·gler, strag·glers
a scattered or disorderly group, as of people or things.

verb strag·gle
to stray from the road, course, or line of march

Ever start your first band getting eerily close to 30? Meet the conveniently named band, The Stragglers. Does their laziness contribute to the name? Maybe. An EP was in the works from May 2010 and was released in November 2011. When will the next one be finished? Who knows.

What influences the band? Punk Rock from the 90’s. Let’s just say Mark’s first punk rock purchase was Millencolin‘s “For Monkeys”. Like this album, the band he helped to create would then never work without a drummer. The Stragglers grabbed the multi-talented guitarist/songwriter from London Rock-a-Billy band, Backseat Bingo to back them on drums, who has since moved to second guitar.

So why is the bass player’s name so important? The Stragglers have worked with four bass players over the years and they’ve all been named Eric. One did spell his name with a ‘k’ but regardless… what are the odds? That said, if we ever need to replace our bass player, preference will be given to punk rockers with the name Eric.

Style of music: Alternative, Rock


Cam – drums
Eric – bass
Frazer – guitar
Jake – guitar
Mark – vocals
“A Bass Player Named Eric

For booking contact Vanessa Azzoli.

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