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Founded in March of 2011 under a previous name (Arawn) by Alex Snape and Ioan Tetlow, Unbowed originally started as a side project but quickly developed to a full time band. The first demo ‘Annwyn’ now simply known as ‘Demo 2011’ was recorded by Ioan, Alex, and a school friend of theirs. The demo allowed the band to set up a line up and have something to promote at the same time. After a year of member changes in order to find the perfect, hardworking, talented and professional line up, such a line up was assembled, and the band was finally ready to play live. The bands first show was a great success and learning experience, and allowed the band to begin developing a local following. Shortly after that show, the band decided that since so much had changed in the past year and it was essentially a whole new band, a name change was in order, and Unbowed was created.

Currently, Unbowed is rehearsing for and booking gigs in Southern Ontario around their home town of Guelph, Ontario, as well as getting ready to record a 5 song EP to be released later in 2012.

Style of music: Metal

Contact Email: Alex Snape

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