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Vinyl Revivyl

Vinyl Revivyl

Vinyl Revivyl is a cover band based out of Guelph playing classic rock, blues, country and top 40 songs from the 1960’s to current.  Inspired by a shared love of great music and bands from different genres and an even greater desire to play/sing, each member brings their own unique influence to the bands music and show that leads us to add our own little pizzazz to each song we cover. From heavy metal, jazz, classic rock, blues, country and pop  it all comes together nicely. As life time students of music we strive to create a great experience for every venue we play.

We play everything from rock, acoustic melodies, country, blues and everything in between. From the 60’s on. The band is always learning new material  and with professional sound and lighting equipment we work with you to create a show that meets the need of any venue we play at.  It’s not just about playing great music, it is about creating a great experience and we do both!

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