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Coming To Guelph: OL’CD on June 26th

Think CDs. What comes to mind? Maybe some of your favourite tunes from back in the day? Thoughts of tiny, retro, round slices of polycarbonate plastic and sensitive surfaces you shouldn’t get dirty?

You’re only half wrong. All it took was a common realization that cranking out tunes, getting wild and getting your sensitive surfaces dirty are some of the finer things in life to bring four good ol’ Southern Ontario boys together to share this epiphany with you through their brand of surf-infused, garage-inspired rock n’ roll.

Featuring Cameron Hilborn and Wesley Martin on guitar and vocals, with Richard Stewart and Brad Picard filling out the rhythm section on bass and drums, OL’ CD hails from Toronto, Ontario, and they want to bring the polychromatic party to you. Click play and read on!

Music Lives: How did OL’CD first get together? How have things changed over the last few years in the band?

OL’CD: OL’CD all started about 2 years ago. We all met in college, we were taking Music Industry Arts at Fanshawe in London. Since then our genre has changed slightly. We use to play more bluesy rock and roll but now we’re doing more garage/ Surf rock.

olcd_bandML: Any memorable moments from playing live shows? What the best show OL’CD ever played?

OL’CD: Haha ya, we have had a lot of fun Touring around to different cities. One time before we lived in Toronto we were on a week straight tour. We played Toronto on a Tuesday in a super small venue that had no stage and it was just wild. Everybody just went nuts and it was just a really crazy time!

ML: What’s the best part about playing live? The worst?

OL’CD: Best Part about playing live for me is probably the crowd reaction. When the crowd is into it you can feed off that energy. That being said the worst thing about playing live is playing to an empty room. Luckily it doesn’t happen very often but when we were first starting out there were a few.

ML: I saw your new single “Van Gogh” was released on Exclaim. Congrats! How much fun was the video to make?

OL’CD: Thanks, Ya it was super fun. We just filmed it in my basement apartment with our buddies Drew Snyder and Ryan Kombargi. We had a bunch of friends over near the end that were supposed to be in the video but I think we got a bit to drunk and the shots didn’t turn out haha.

ML: Where can people go to learn more about OL’CD?

OL’CD: They can check out our tunes at We’re on facebook, twitter and instagram too. The best way in my opinion, come to a show, hang out and meet us because the shows are super fun!


Make sure to check out OL’CD when they play DSTRCT with Marcellus Wallace and The Superlative on June 26th. More details on the show can be found at

Photo Cred: Jack Hawley Photography

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