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Dave MacInnis Comedy Nights @Jimmy Jazz

This isn’t your typical music post, but it’s an entertainment post for “the heart of live music” and my favourite dive bar, the Jimmy Jazz!

For well over a year now, amateur comic Dave MacInnis has been hosting Comedy Night At Jimmy Jazz.  Only having been doing stand-up for a few years, Dave has met and grinded with some really funny pro comics, earning a special place in many a heart.  This is evident when you realize some of the headliners he’s brought to our beautiful little dive bar, such as  Kenny RobinsonTyler Morrison, Shannon LavertyGavin StephensPat Burtscher Jeff LeesonJeff McEneryRon JosolRon Vaudry, and some of the newer, hilarious comics such as Hannah LawrenceTige Wright, Tom O’DonnellAshley Moffatt, Jason AllenJay Freeborn and Chantel Marostica.

Some nights the room doesn’t get busy until a little later, sometimes it’s 2/3 capacity before the show starts at 9pm.
Some nights, there’s a lot of self deprecating, morose content.  Sometimes it’s clean as a pennywhistle.  If you’re a fan of stand-up and like to watch artists grow as they try new material on the small room, the Jimmy Jazz 9pm start Sunday nights just might be your new favourite time and place.

Be sure to visit Comedy Night At Jimmy Jazz and click a like so you can keep up with upcoming headliners and lineup.

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