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Drawing Lines by Odd Years – Album Review

When Guelph band Odd Years asked us to review their new album Drawing Lines, I jumped at a chance to get an advanced copy. I’ve got to know a few members of the band since starting our website and they’re some of the busiest musicians and nicest guys in town.

There is something on Drawing Lines for everyone. It’s a little bit country. A little bit rock and roll. Sometimes a little quiet. Sometimes loud. The slide guitar work on “Patient” is amazing. “Sea Widows” starts with some great vocal harmonies and the vibe you get from “Take You Anywhere” reminds me of some of the biggest bands of the early 1960s. The album is well paced and the production is spot on for their sound.

The most amazing thing about Drawing Lines is how absolutely relaxing it is. You could have the worst day of your life and within one play through be fully relieved of all stress. That is the power of music! If you’re really desperate for Drawing Lines, as you should be, Odd Years is Missed Connection RecordsGuelph band of the month. Track down a download card and get ready for some musical relaxation therapy.

Odd Years‘ official CD release party is happening October 9th at The eBar!!! Click here for more details!

Visit to stream Drawing Lines and learn more about Missed Connection Records at

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