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    PipeDown! Presents: Eddyevvy w Bare Claws / Drunk at the library @Silence

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    July 28, 2018 @ 7:30 pm

    PipeDown! Presents: Eddyevvy w Bare Claws / Drunk at the library @Silence

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    Waterloo has birthed a monster. Originating in 2016 as a duo consisting of Micaela Loreto and Mitchell Hartung, EDDYEVVY has since fleshed out into a 4-piece with the addition of Jae Holdsworth and Eric Repke. Recalling early ‘90s bands like Slowdive, Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine, Eddyevvy plays music that thoughtfully blends the noisey with the melodic. With a great EP called I’m Glad You Were Born to their name, this is a band to fall into.

    Drunk at the Library

    Goofy, theatrical power pop trying to shine a bit of light into the dark spooky corners of the ol’ brain attic. They’ve got tunes about horny kids finding dead animals, people throwing rocks at strangers in a ditch effort to find human connection, and the feeling of being unable to afford Radiohead tickets and knowing they’ll probably retire soon and you’ll never get to see them and you’re gonna die — something for everyone!

    Bare Claws

    Brandon Barraclough is really good at actual rock climbing, and maybe that’s a result of all the emotional boulders he’s been mounting for years in Bare Claws, hailing from the small town of Toronto. Brandon’s twisted, self-loathing wordplay and precisely crafted tunes will hit you right in the feels, while Bare Claws’ killer rhythm section (Michael Fong and Derek MacDiarmid) will shake you down, turn you upside down, and make off with your lunch money. Oh, also, Mr. Baby Labour / Yew Toob / Dan Loughrin himself is in this band on lead guitar, and let me tell you, he Loughrins ALL OVER these tracks.


    July 28, 2018
    7:30 pm