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    Safari Nites + SoundWaveArt present Safari Lounge w. Moskitto bar

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    July 23, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 am

    Safari Nites + SoundWaveArt present Safari Lounge w. Moskitto bar

    Event by Green Eyed Lion
    Tickets · $40
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    Public Anyone on or off Facebook
    What to expect
    Music, Visual Art, Acoustic Sessions, Community, Peace and Love Vibrations
    Attend to enjoy the event or CAMPOUT! (details will be supplied on ticket purchase)
    Line Up:
    Visual LIVE Art – All day and Night
    Arcadia Ariskuan
    Osman Okey – Neon Masks
    Acoustic Sessions – All Night
    Moskitto Bar
    The Wild Foreigners
    Imi – Flute (accompaniments)
    Osman (percussion accompaniments)
    Electronic Music – All day

    What to expect

    Music, Visual Art, Acoustic Sessions, Community, Peace and Love Vibrations

    Attend to enjoy the event or CAMPOUT! (details will be supplied on ticket purchase)

    Line Up

    Visual LIVE Art – All day and Night

    • Arcadia – Gsine ( Speed artist and designer. Gsine Entertainment organizes parties and special events around downtown Toronto (modeling shows, art exhibition, fundraiser exhibition etc.) Links: – FB:
    • Osman Okey – Neon Masks

    Acoustic Sessions – All Night

    • Moskitto Bar:
    • The Wild Foreigners: The Wild Foreigners formed during the spring of 2021, when 4 music loving souls couldn’t stop playing and singing with one another.
    • In late 2019, Yusif, a singer-songwriter with a knack for moving melodies, previously from the band The Rangers, and Subhayu, a bassist with a distinctly elegant style, from the band Squid Mountain, would find common taste in Beatles-esque music, embellished chords and timeless melodies, and plan on forming a new band that would capture this very sound they both admired.
    • Unfortunately, due to the circumstances of 2020, that would end up postponed. Nevertheless, in the summer of 2020, Yusif would perform at beach concerts and bonfires with Yuri – the kizomba dancing sailor and a soulful guitarist – a wide ranging repertoire of old and contemporary music from many different corners of the world, making for a wild and unforgettable summer.
    • Later on, in the subsequent winter months, Yusif would come to realize the undeniable vocal chemistry they had with Oksana, a vocalist with the smooth and unadulterated voice of an angel, and start singing together, harmonizing anything and everything ’til their vocal chords no longer could.
    • This paved the way to the union of the three, playing anything from acoustic Russian folk, Turkish rock to Spanish, Italian and French ballads, to originals by Yusif and much more.
    • As the spring came along, they would welcome Subhayu into this endeavor, and these four old soul Wild Foreigners would start dishing out songs in more than 8 languages, all interpreted in the unique style that came about as the intersection of these four different worlds, each shaped by its own upbringing, influences, and stories – nevertheless connecting with each other through the love of their common language – music…
    • Imi – Flute (accompaniments)
    • Osman (percussion accompaniments)

    Electronic Music – All day

    • Dj28


    • Anokhei


    • B-Format: Juan Casas AKA B-Format is a DJ and Producer that has been performing for some time with a wide variety of genres of electronic music. His sound is characterized by hipnotic and energized beats that will keep you dancing and traveling with melodies and cosmic sounds!
    • Check out B-Format on #SoundCloud –
    • Tarisai : – Tarisai is a versatile DJ, dancer, and comedian currently based in Toronto. Born and raised in Zimbabwe ??, Tarisai established a love for dance & music, particularly Kwaito and South African house. After moving to Edmonton, Alberta to complete a Bachelor’s degree at the UofA(BA Economics) he co-founded a social enterprise called La Connexional, that focuses on creating safe spaces & platforms for people of Afro, Caribbean & Latinx descent to freely & joyfully express themselves. )
    • His various enriching experiences in Canada both within his community, music festivals and at raves expanded his love of the house rhythms he grew up with. This birthed a new love for Techno & the shuffling styles of dancing, to add to his never-ending passion for rap music.
    • Tarisai’s approach to DJ’ing is multi-dimensional and goes beyond his passion for sounds by holistically combining his other skills such as dance & comedy, as well as the culture he grew up with into his DJ sets & his mixes.
    • Green Eyed Lion Afrobeat, Afrohouse, Global Tribal Grooves
    • Born into a family of artists, orators and musicians. Consequently has been cultivating beats from early childhood. GreenEyedLion a.k.a Osman Okey brings elements of all his travels around the world (Nigeria, Turkey, U.K., New Zealand, Brazil and Canada) to his music and mixes. This includes percussion. His Safari Nites events also promote these genre (Afrobeat, Afrohouse, Tribal house, DnB Ragga Jungle) of music.
    • Originally from Nigeria. Studied and lived in Turkey during which he commuted to and from the U.K. on school holidays visiting the SOHO and East London clubs for inspiration. These commutes led to his immersion in the punk rock and DnB culture. He moved to New Zealand after obtaining a BSc in Computer Engineering. In 2003, while in New New Zealand, he saw an opportunity based on the lack of African or World music in the downtown clubs and created the SAHARA NIGHTS series at a Cuban club called Descarga Cubana on busy K-arangahape Road, Auckland. He began his stint on controllers here spinning in collaboration with drummers. He then emigrated to Canada in 2006 where he focused on elevating West African percussion at first, in order to align with the birth of his newest offspring – SAFARI NITES – series which began on May 23 2019. This included AFRO-CENTRIC art (Masks and other artifacts) and music to match the mood. You can expect to dance your feet off as the GreenEyedLion takes you on a mesmerizing journey through Africa, the middle east, Europe and beyond with a sprinkle of HOUSE MUSIC
    • IG: @safarinites, @greeneyedlionos
    • FB: Green Eyed Lion
    • SoulSis
    • ======
    • World Fusion, Afro House, Deep House, Live Soul Vocals, Live Percussion Mixcloud Mix:; Youtube Link:
    • Inclusive, inviting, and inspirational, Aiesha, A.K.A SoulSis, is an artist of transformation. As a passionate facilitator of creative expression, she strives to infuse her offerings with empowering energy and a whole lot of soul! She uses a wide spectrum of platforms to deliver the gift of creative expression, including playful interactive performances, live vocal looping, DJing, drumming, artistic collaborations, sound healing, songwriting, coaching and facilitated community offerings. Her performances and DJ sets have been described as “spirit-lifting”, “soul-nourishing” and “a life celebration”. Website:;
    • IG: soulsis.aiesha
    • FB: SoulSis Aiesha


    July 23, 2021
    12:00 pm - 1:00 am
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